The faculty of Nagarjuna Pre-University College is special in its own way. Each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar, an expert in his or her own field. The faculty of Nagarjuna Pre-University College consists of 22 full time highly qualified teachers, who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.

There is a presence of Nagarjuna culture and ethos in every staff member which not only intertwines the entire teaching fraternity but also apprises the students on the same ground. There is an embodiment of the student-staff relationship in not only regular teaching periods, but also there is an involvement of the staff in a variety of other ways which outsets right from the morning assembly to conducting of events or to be simply a guide to their personality development. This kind of a relationship surely gives rise to the lifelong friendships as well as professional mentorship that shape students' lives and careers.

The teaching approach constitutes of a blend of classroom teaching, group activities and field trips. The other important features which forms the part of the student’s overall development are the regular conduction of workshops and the seminars. Nagarjuna has adopted a unique style of teaching which stimulates a positive attitude, boost of confidence, skill of taking initiative, an analytical bent of mind and time management.

Guest Speakers are also invited to the schools to familiarize the students on various academic, scientific, social and cultural trends.

1 J Chaitanya Verma CEO Nagarjuna Group of Insititutions
2 Dr. K S Deshikachar Director Nagarjuna Group of Insititutions
3 Prof. Manohar Narajji Director Nagarjuna Group of Institutions
4 Prof. Nagesh Y.N. M.Com., M.Phil Principal Nagarjuna PU College
5 Prof. Shoba  H. Bhat M.Sc., B.Ed Dean – Student Affairs Nagarjuna PU College
6 Prof. Rajesh  K M.Sc., B.Ed Science Coordinator Nagarjuna PU College
7 Prof.  Basavaraj K.R. M.A, NET, SLET Co-ordinator Lecturer
8 Prof. Nandini C.M.   M.A Lecturer
9 Prof. Sathisha  M.K.   M.A Lecturer
10 Prof . Ravi M M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil, NET, SLET Lecturer
11 Prof. Ramachandrappa G.H. M.A, B.Ed, Mphil, NET Lecturer
12 Prof. Manjunath T.N. M.A, B.Ed, Mphil Lecturer
13 Prof. K.N. Jayashree M.A., M.Phil, PGCTE H.O.D 
14 Prof. Hemavathy H  M.A, B.Ed. Lecturer
15 Prof. Bhagavathi S M.A., B.Ed Lecturer
16 Prof. Aruna B.N. M.A, M.Ed. H.O.D
17 Prof.  Sowmya Natarajan M.A, B.Ed. Lecturer
18 Prof. AnuradhaSachar M.A Lecturer
19 Prof. PrapthiPatil M.A, B.Ed Lecturer
20 Prof. Abdul Riyaz Pasha M.A., B.Ed., SahithyaRathna H.O.D
21 Prof. Dattatreya Dixit M.A. M.Sc. H.O.D


22  Prof. Rohith V.K. M.A., MPhil , MBA, B.Ed H.O.D
23  Prof. Shiva Kumar E M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil Lecturer
24 Prof. Geetha T.A.   M.A H.O.D
25 Prof. Nandishbabu M M.A, B.Ed., M.Phil. Lecturer
26 Prof. Lavanya S  M.A Lecturer
27 Prof. Sandhya N  M.A., B.Ed Lecturer
28 Prof. Balachandra V MBA, M.Com H.O.D
29 Prof. Manjunath M M.Com Lecturer
30 Prof. Harsha T.S. M.Com, MBA, NET, KSET Lecturer
31 Prof. Swapna K M.Com Lecturer
32 Prof. Arun Kumar M.P. M.B.A, M.Com Lecturer
33 Prof. Nayana, M.Com Lecturer
34 Prof. Karthik R. M.B.A., M.Com Lecturer
35 Prof. VinaySagar L.S. M.Com, MBA Lecturer
36 Prof. Mahesh M.Com, B.Ed, PGDMM, Insurance Mgt Lecturer
37 Prof.Manjulatha. R M.Sc, B.Ed H.O.D
38 Prof.Shwetha K.L M.Sc Lecturer
39 Prof.RameshBabu, M.Sc, B.Ed Lecturer
40 Prof. Sampath M.Sc Lecturer
41 Prof.  Mohammed Saleem U M.Sc, M.Phil H.O.D
42 Prof. Manohar M.Sc Lecturer
43 Prof. Anil Kumar H.N.  M.Sc Lecturer
44 Prof. Vijay Kumar R  M.Sc Lecturer
45 Prof. Lohith  M.Sc Lecturer
46 Mr. Manjesh B.Sc Lab Instructor
47 Mr. Manjunath T.N. Lab Assistant
48 Prof. Harish Kumar Y.H. M.Sc, B.Ed H.O.D
49 Prof. Naveen Kumar. K M.Sc., B.Ed Lecturer
50 Prof. Srinivas  L M.Sc. M.Phil., B.Ed Lecturer
51 Prof. Lokesh N.V. M.Sc., M.Phil, B.Ed Lecturer
52 Prof. Hanumantha Reddy M M.Sc, B.Ed Lecturer
53 Prof. Rama Mohan Reddy B M.Sc Lecturer
54 Prof. Imran Pasha M.Sc Lecturer
55 Mr. Ananth Kumar M.Sc Lab Instructor
56 Mr. Lakshminarayana  K.V.  B.A Lab Assistant


57 Prof. Rajesh . K. M.Sc., B.Ed Science Coordinator
58 Prof. Mohan. K. M.Sc., M.Phil H.O.D
59 Prof. Siddalinga Swamy K J M.Sc Lecturer
60 Prof. Arpitha M.J M.Sc, M.Phil Lecturer
61 Prof. Balachandra V M.Sc, B.Ed Lecturer
62 Prof. Vincent M.Sc, B.Ed Lecturer
63 Prof. Hemachandra H.R. M.Sc Lecturer
64 Prof. Guruprasad  K.S. M.Sc., B.Ed H.O.D
65 Prof. ManjuBhargavi N  M.Sc., B.Ed Lecturer
66 Prof. Nagarajaiah K.L. M.Sc(Che), M.Sc(Biotech), M.Phil(Biotech), PGDBI Lecturer
67 Prof. Chandrakanth .S.M M.Sc Lecturer
68 Prof. Nataraju P.D. M.Sc Lecturer
69 Mr. Nagaraj B.Sc Lab Instructor
70 Mrs. Laxmibai Manikeri Lab Assistant
71 Prof. Vijaya Madhavi  K. M.Sc, B.Ed H.O.D
72 Prof. Shivakumar S M.C.A H.O.D
73 Prof. Satish G M.Sc - IT Lecturer
74 Prof. Bharathi R.S. M.C.A Lecturer
75 Mr. Harish V B.Com, Dip in Comp. H & N System Administrator
76 Mr. Sudhakar Kulkarni  B.Sc Office Superintendent
77 Mr. Noorulla H.S PGDRD, M.B.A Accountant
78 Mrs. AnithaTumma B.Sc, B.Ed., M.L.I.Sc Librarian
79 Mr. Hanmesh Kulkarni  B.Sc F.D.A
80 Mrs. Manjula  R  B.Sc S.D.A
81 Mrs. Lalitha   B.Com Receptionist
82 Mrs. Seema Elsy  B.A Office Assistant
83 Mr. Govinda Reddy. B.A (M.A) Office Assistant