There are fully functional individual spacious Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics and Computer laboratories. Labs are equipped with latest required instruments and apparatus. The college offers personalized attention, upgrading the labs to meet the demands of the new curriculum. Computer lab is air conditioned with high-speed internet access with 100 seats capacity. Each student can work on a computer individually.


Well ventilated, spacious, designed exclusively for an ideal learning environment.


Well stocked with 3000+ subject books, reference books, Thesaurus, Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, Magazine, Journals, newspapers, books related to AIEE, IIT and NEET. Apart from the regular library card, students can avail the facility of special card.


Hygienically prepared nutritious, vegetarian food is offered at an affordable price. Storage facilities well maintained.


The College runs a well maintained fleet of buses. College buses ply from various locations with tracking system. Students can avail the facility which is optional.