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Throttle - Freshers welcome function by Mechanical Department was arranged on 26.09.2016. Dr. S G Gopala Krishna, Principal, NCET presided over the inaugural function. Dr. N G S Udupa, Vice Principal(Admin), Dr. Srikantamurthy K, Vice Principal(Academic), Dr. Harisha P, Dean(SW) and Dr. Kapilan N, HOD(Mech) were present on the occasion.

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An Invited Talk On Embedded Systems And Image Processing By Dr. Rathna G. N , Principal Research Scientist, IISc, Bangalore was organised by the Department of Electronics And Communication on 23.09.2016.

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DD Chandana Live Programme Vyakthithva Darpana - by Dr. S G Gopala Krishna, Principal, Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology on the topic Sir MV's model for Personality Development on 11.09.2016 at 8.05am to 9.00am.

DD Chandana Live Programme Vyakthithva Darpana - by Dr. S G Gopala Krishna - Part 1

DD Chandana Live Programme Vyakthithva Darpana - by Dr. S G Gopala Krishna - Part 2


Our beloved Principal Dr. S G Gopala Krishna has been honoured with Dr. Abdul Kalam Life Time Achievement National Award by Krist Foundation(R), Bengaluru for his distinguished contribution to development of nation and achieving outstanding excellence in the field of "Administration, Teaching, Research and Publications".

The Management, Staff and Students of NCET congratulated him on this occasion.



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Padmashri Dr. A V S Raju, Founder Chairman of NCC donated his books "Sri Sai Sudha Madhuri" (42 volumes with around 25000 poems) to Sri Satya Sai Centre for Human Excellence. The said books were handed over to the institute by Dr S G Gopala Krishna, Principal, NCET during the visit to the centre on 3.9.2016.

Dr. N G S Udupa, Vice Principal(Admin), Dr. Srikantamurthy K, Vice Principal(Academic), Dr. P Harisha, Dean(SW), Dr. Gururaj M, Dr. Shantakumar Patil, Dr. Pramjyothi Patil, Dr Nagesh N, Prof Sateesha T Y, Dr. Kumar K, Prof Ramesh Gowda, Dr Rajendra S and Dr. Manjunath K have accompanied .

sai4 sai3 sai2 sai1 Sri Sai Sudhamadhri

Our beloved Principal Dr. S G Gopala Krishna will be participating in Live Phone-in Programme "Vyaktitwa Darpana" in DD Chandana on September 11, 2016 at 8.05 am to 9.00 am. The Topic of the programme is Sir M V's Model of Personality Development.

The details of the programme is attached.



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The students and staff of Mechanical Engineering Department of NCET have participated in the two-days workshop on “VIRTUAL LABS” organised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering on 12th and 13th August -2016. The summary of the workshop is as follows.

List of Students:-

  1. Dileep (1NC15ME407)
  2. Ajay kKumar (1NC15ME400)
  3. Diganth K (1NC15ME406)
  4. Raghaveera V(1NC15ME419)
  5. Kedarnath (1NC14ME708)
  6. Darshann K S(1NC14ME061)
  7. D Suneel Kumar (1NC14ME039)
  8. Satyanarayana (1NC15ME424)

List of Faculty Members:-

  1. Amaresh Gunge
  2. Prabhakar C G

The following topics covered by different speakers related to virtual labs.

First Day (12-08-2016):-

  1. Introduction to VIRTUAL LAB and its applications by Dr. K.V. Gangadharan, Virtual lab Institute Coordinator, NITK, Surathkal1
  2. Introduction to CAMERA TRAP and 3D CAMERA by Dr. Pruthviraj U. Coordinator for SOM and FM lab, NITK, Surathkal.2
  3. Introduction to REMOTE TRIGGER EXPERIMENTS by M-Tech. research scholars of NITK, Surathkal.
  4. Practical session (Hands on session).
  5. Sub-Topics covered (Related to virtual labs) by research scholars of NITK(Ph.D and M-Tech.)

Second Day (13-08-2016):-

  1. Practical session (Hands on session)
  2. Demo on Izod and charpy (Modified Set up) by M-Tech. research scholars of NITK.3
  3. Demo on Simply supported beam, cantilever beam, etc. (Modified set up). by M-Tech. research scholars of NITK.4
  4. College wise quiz computation was conducted, out of 8 students two got 1st and 2nd5
  5. Programme ends with group photo.6


NITK Virtual Lab Report